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Enjoy your holidays with our delectable menu promotion during your stay at bvilla.

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SATE AYAM (Chicken Satay)IDR 100K
Chicken Breast | Indonesian Rice Cake | Peanut Sauce | Emping Melinjo | Acar

SATE SAPI (Beef Satay) IDR 160K
Beef Filet Marinated with Java Spice | Steam Rice | Maranggi Sauce | Sweet Chili Soy Sauce

SATE BABI (Pork Satay) – IDR 120K
Pork Loin | Balinese Marinade | Indonesian Rice Cake | Chili Salt Sauce | Sambal Bajak

SATE LILIT (Minced Meat Satay) – IDR 150K
Barramundi Fish | Grated Coconut | Base Genep | Steam Rice | Urab | Sambal Matah

SATE KAMBING (Lamb Satay) – IDR 200K
Lamb | Peanut Sauce | Steam Rice | Acar | Emping Melinjo

SATE CAMPUR (Mixed Satay) – IDR 140K
Lamb | Beef | Chicken | Peanut Sauce | Indonesian Rice Cake | Acar | Emping Melinjo

SATE CAMPUR SEAFOOD (Mixed Seafood Satay) – IDR 150K
Barramundi Fish | Prawn | Squid | Urab | Steam Rice | Sambal Bajak | Acar

SATE AYAM & SAYURAN (Chicken Vegetable Skewer) – IDR 175K
Chicken Breast | Mixed Vegetables | Barbeque Sauce | Wages

KEBAB SAYURAN (Vegetable Kebab) – IDR 110K
Mixed Vegetable Satay | French Fries | Barbeque Sauce | Chili | Tomato Sauce

4 Bottles of Beer | Popcorn

Prices are subject to 21% tax and services

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