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Recommended Yoga Studios Around Seminyak

19 December 2019

One of the best inventions in the world is yoga. It’s more than just an exercise of flexibility, more than just breathing techniques, and more than just difficult poses. It’s an exercise of reflection and about returning to our inner authentic selves, to slow down from the hyper-speed pace of modern life. Since yoga is a lifestyle, it makes sense to retreat to a well-designed yoga studio and find a trainer who understands your needs. Here are some of the recommended ones around Seminyak.

Soham Wellness Center

Yoga in Class

From the outside, it looks like a large building that might remind you of an office building. However, once you get inside, the welcoming staff and atmosphere dissolve all your judgment. Soham Wellness Center is an integrated facility for rejuvenation. Morning classes are available for those who prefer to be more active earlier in the day. You can opt for a one-time drop-in and join a class whenever you like, or you can subscribe to a monthly membership. Apart from yoga studios, the wellness center also includes a sauna, steam room and swimming pool for relaxation. Juices and healthy snacks are available at their own in-house wellness cafe. Soham Wellness Center is located in Jl. Lebak Sari No. 7, in Petitenget.

Jiwa Bikram Yoga

Yoga Pose

Bikram Yoga is a unique kind of yoga that takes place in a heated and humid room. Sweating is one of the key objectives of this yoga, thus it is called a hot system yoga. In just 90 minutes of aerobic-focused postures (complete all 26 of them!), you will leave the place feeling unusually refreshed. After all, sweat carries all the toxins from your body out through your skin. A study has also shown that it burns more calories –460 if you’re a man, and 330 if you’re a woman. It also increases bone density and some muscle mass. You can look forward to this fun experience at Jiwa Bikram Yoga, located in Jl. Petitenget No. 78.

Desa Seni

Yoga with instructor

Desa Seni is a village-style resort a little further from the coast in North Kuta. As the name suggests, it boasts artistic and cultural philosophies and practices of Bali and a few other places across the archipelago. As an accredited yoga sanctuary by the Yoga Alliance, you will find yourself with many different yoga options to experience. They offer Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin, and Tantra, among others. Desa Seni also regularly hosts yoga retreats and teacher training courses.

Olop Iyengar Yoga Studio

Yoga meditation

Iyengar Yoga is another unique kind of yoga that focuses more on posture. The teachings reflect the philosophy of discipline and balance. For beginners, Iyengar Yoga might be daunting and discouraging, particularly to people who are still new to yoga. However, this small and cozy yoga studio is run by Olop Arpipi, a renowned yoga teacher in Bali who is devoted to this variant of yoga. His goal is to simply introduce and encourage everyone – even those new to yoga – to try it, by guiding them with patience and passion. This yoga studio is found in Kuta.

Bvilla’s collection of private pool villas are in very close proximity to these yoga studios. More importantly, our villas are designed to be serene and free of outside distractions. You’ll be able to apply whatever techniques you have learned from your classes, in the comfort of your own villa.


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