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Hunt For The Most Unique Waterfalls in Bali

06 December 2019

Hunting across the island for waterfalls has become an increasingly popular activity. It’s more than just visiting somewhere to see thousands of gallons of freshwater fall from above. It involves going on a road trip for hours to a remote location, and further trekking through a jungle is highly likely.

For less popular, hidden waterfalls, the basic minimal infrastructure creates a challenging route for hikers. However, the effortful walk and the hundreds of descending steps are taken, are rewarded by a gorgeous and rare sight – the majestic waterfall itself. Here is a shortlist of rare and hidden waterfalls you simply must visit if you are an outdoor enthusiast.

Sekumpul, Singaraja

sekumpul waterfall

Outdoor enthusiasts have dubbed the Sekumpul waterfall as the most beautiful waterfall in Bali – and they have seen many waterfalls, so they wouldn’t lie. Located in the village of Sekumpul in the mountainous northern Singaraja region, the waterfall is as far away from the crowded Denpasar city as possible. The majority of tourists don’t bother to visit due to the distance. However, this is exactly what keeps the waterfall as authentic as possible, with few man-made infrastructures constructed.

The trek to the waterfall itself is also quite challenging, so only the most enthusiastic waterfall hunters and jungle hikers should try and discover this hidden gem. Dirt roads and slippery steps are normal path features, so be prepared and bring appropriate footwear, like slip-resistant hiking boots, that should also be comfortable in tropical climates.

When you are sufficiently close to the waterfall, you may see it in the distance, just behind the untouched rainforest trees. The overview looks fantastic, and if you walk closer you will discover that the waterfall is made up of seven consecutive waterfalls. This absolutely stunning waterfall will enrich your Instagram profile – just another thing to look forward to!

Nung Nung, Petang

nungnung waterfall

Nung Nung waterfall is known for its majestic height, but its beauty is also comparable to the Sekumpul waterfall. Towering up to 50 meters, the thunderous sound of the immense weight of the water crashing down onto the bedrock can be heard from a few hundred meters away. While also secluded, the path to Nung Nung waterfall is more forgiving to most visitors. Younger families and beginner hikers could reach the base of the waterfall by climbing down gentle stairs.

The descent might take a while because the vehicle parking spot is at the same level as the waterfall source. However, the entrance location at such height might be one of your greatest advantages. As you make your descent, you can see the waterfall face to face. This is perfect for a panoramic shot. You don’t need a drone to get the shot from a great height.

Other scenic spots close the waterfall, such as the lush green rice fields along the path towards the waterfall, complements the experience. The road trip to get to the waterfall village will be quite enjoyable, especially with an early morning ride. If you can beat the traffic, it takes about 3 hours to get here from Seminyak. 

Goa Rang Reng

goa-rangreng waterfall

In most waterfalls, the water flows straight down in a torrent. Goa Rang Reng waterfall looks more like a cascade of waterfalls on a gentle rocky slope – almost like gentle stairs. You can even stand on the waterfall. Of course, you can also swim at the base of the waterfall. If you are the type of person who likes to see waterfalls but are terrified of the torrent (like the writer of this blog), the base is a shallow pleasant swim. To the locals, the pool is the source of healing and cleansing. The waterfall is a relatively new discovery, but it has been a public secret among true nature lovers.

Waterfall hunting can be a very rewarding activity for people of all ages who are enthusiastic about the outdoors. If you are looking to stay in Seminyak, a villa is an ideal accommodation, especially for road trip lovers. Bvilla offers private pool villas for all family sizes and for any duration. Our team will be glad to help you prepare for your long journey ahead. Book one of our villas at


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