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Reasons to Stay in Seminyak

19 September 2019

Planning a trip to Bali? There are many popular spots in Bali to list on your itinerary, but one place stands out above the rest, and that’s Seminyak. Seminyak is arguably home to the best boutique restaurants, cafés, and resorts in all of Bali.

Here are a few more compelling reasons why you should consider staying in Seminyak during your stay in Bali.

Less traffic compared to Kuta

seminyak street

Kuta is a hotspot for visitors to Bali, especially if it’s their first time on the island. The result is congestion on the roads from the vehicles, tour buses, and motorcycles coming in and out of the area. By comparison, Seminyak is less congested.


Boutique Cafés and shops


Seminyak is identified by the boutique shops, café, and restaurants that adorn its streets. Find authentic gifts and accessories from these shops to remind you of your trip to Bali!


Less crowded beaches


Compared to Kuta, the beaches in Seminyak are a lot less crowded – perfect for those who want to enjoy the sunset and the sound of waves crashing on the shore. Check out Petitenget Beach or Double-Six beach to catch stellar sunsets!


Health-conscious restaurants


Those maintaining a healthy lifestyle will love the health-conscious restaurants found in and around Seminyak. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you should neglect your diet!


Sunset scene

sunset in seminyak

Bali is known for its legendary sunsets – and Seminyak is one of the best places to view it, as the tropical sunsets over the horizon. There are also plenty of boutique cafés, bars, and restaurants that come alive as the sky darkens, completing the legendary sunset scene.

There are countless places in Seminyak to fill up any traveler’s agenda! Another advantage of staying in Seminyak is that a lot of places are within walking distance, making transportation less of a hassle.

Need a place to stay in Seminyak? Take a look at our accommodations offered at Bvilla! Located in the heart of Seminyak, Bvilla offers a selection of well-equipped villas, in three different properties that are within walking distance to many of Seminyak’s best restaurants, café, and bars.

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