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Enjoy In-House Spa in Seminyak at BVilla's Spa

27 January 2020

Seminyak is the hub for spa and wellness centers, so it’s no surprise that many visitors come to Seminyak to de-stress, and to leave the town feeling younger and refreshed.

Spa treatments have so many benefits, and each spa house applies various historic and modern techniques to help their clients have better quality sleep, reverse the effects of aging and complement their weight loss programs.

At BVilla, we offer various spa treatments and packages because we want our villa to be more than just a relaxation villa – our villa is where healing and regeneration begins. 

Signature body treatments

body treatment in BVilla Spa

Positive body image starts with special treatments that not only cleanse the body of toxins but also maintain the overall health of the skin, muscles and circulatory system. At BVilla, our therapists have done extensive research on modern and traditional remedies.

One of our specialties is volcanic clay treatment. Originating from the slopes of the Balinese volcanoes, the clay has been naturally processed from underground magma pockets for thousands of years, before being brought into contact with your skin to absorb toxins and deliver balancing minerals into the subcutaneous regions. 

The hot stone treatment combines soothing warmth and gentle pressure that is delivered with a hot stone to specific tense muscle groups. The result is incredibly pleasant relief on the pain point, which can later help improve the quality of sleep and boost immunity.

Touch therapy

touch treatment in BVilla Spa

Massage is deep-rooted in the island’s culture today, and Bvilla's spa is always updated with the latest science and art. Traditionally, the Balinese Massage has worked wonders for many years on various people – wounded soldiers, the sick, the elderly and now especially those suffering from work stress of the modern era. The massage focuses on pain points using delicate thumbs to relieve tension and stiffness.

Facial treatment

face facial in BVilla Spa

If the eyes are a window to the soul, then the face is the welcoming gate. At BVilla's spa, we believe that every face has the potential to look fresher, healthier, and younger, without overworking it with makeup. Our collection of organic and natural ingredients that we apply to your delicate face includes aromatherapeutic herbs and other botanical wonders capable of detox, exfoliating dead cells and providing a firming facial massage.

It’s never one-size-fits-all. Because we value individually unique faces, we always customize our treatments to match our guests’ needs.

The best of everything

treatment in BVilla Spa

It’s difficult to put healthcare into neat boxes. We suggest you go all-in when it comes to health, and we would be pleased to offer a full set of treatments, from head to toe with our Total Holistic treatments.

Choose the Bliss Package for 60 minutes of massage and 30 minutes of the body or facial treatments. Bcleansed and Brejuvinated are excellent choices that cover the body, face and feet, including a massage and flower bath.

At BVilla's Spa, you can find everything for your rejuvenation needs. It is a one-stop destination for healing and regeneration. It is easy to book one of our swimming pool villas. Visit our website and choose your date of arrival. Then head over to Jl. Kayu Jati, Petitenget at Seminyak, and find us there!

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