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Spectacular Pre-wedding Photoshoot Locations in Bali

30 January 2020

Bali is an ever-popular destination for pre-wedding photoshoots due to its unique stunning landscapes, covering several biomes – from rainforests and blue mountains to pristine hidden beaches, and man-made terraced rice fields on rolling hills.

Apart from the natural landscapes, Bali’s vibrant culture is an increasingly popular backdrop for the photo of a lifetime.

Lake Beratan at Bedugul

lake beratan bedugul
In the hunt for a unique photoshoot location, discover an amazing spot at Lake Beratan, located at the highland heart of Bali. Picture this: a clean, bright, blue-flame sky over misty mountains that surrounds a peaceful lake, whose foggy blanket parts the water at daybreak.

Natural lighting may not yet be in your favor, but with some technical mastery, you can create a beautiful, quiet, morning scene with an interesting message – somewhere along the lines of “a new beginning awaits”.

Cost of pre-wedding photography permit: Rp 600,000 (additional Rp 100,000 per 30 minutes if you rent a rowboat)

Tegal Wangi Beach at Jimbaran

wedding in beach
Places hidden from commercial hands are still plenty, even in Jimbaran, south Bali. Tegal Wangi Beach is currently a ‘folk beach’, where many locals go to relax without needing to pay a single rupiah for sitting on rocks, keeping a respectful distance from the ferocious roaring waves. The sunset here is spectacular, with a similar intensity as seen from famous spots like Uluwatu and Melasti.

The caveat is that it is challenging for a large photoshoot crew to carry heavy equipment to the beach without passing through private property. If you are not willing to pay Rp 250,000 for every single person in the crew, you and your fiancé included, we suggest you carry light and have a simple but romantic photoshoot with ordinary equipment.

Blue Chapel Point at Uluwatu

wedding by the sea chapel
On a clifftop overlooking the Indian Ocean stands an elegant little white chapel that was built especially for weddings. It is part of the Blue Point Villas and Spa complex, so expect to spend about Rp 3.9 million to reserve, and spend an hour photo shoot at the location. With the amount you pay, you’re welcome to use the dressing room and make-up room.

If you ever dreamed of organizing a wedding with a clifftop scenery and saying your vows as the sun sets, this place is perfect for you. The reception will be unforgettable for you and your guests.

Camel Riding on Sawangan Beach at Nusa Dua

wedding riding camel
Nothing looks more awesome than where the sandy desert meets the azure sea – two elements merging into one. If you feel you and your fiancé are opposite elements who have successfully weaved an unbreakable relationship, then Sawangan Beach is the perfect spot for you both.

While Bali’s tropical climate lacks a desert, you can ride a camel at Sawangan Beach to set the scene. For the pre-wedding photography, expect to pay around Rp 1,000,000 for a half-hour session. In return, a highly trained wedding photography assistant will help you and your crew turn your vision into reality.

The list of pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Bali is too long and numerous to cover, but this should give you an idea of what is possible. Looking for a place to honeymoon? Bvilla is an ideal place to rent exclusive and private villas for your long stay. We also offer a fantastic honeymoon package, the Romantic Package, which includes 3 nights in a one-bedroom villa together with an exclusive in-house candlelight dinner.

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