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4 Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Southern Bali

21 November 2019

Every year, people choose Bali as a place to celebrate the end of a year and to welcome a new one. Of course, there’s no right or wrong way to celebrate New Year’s Eve, but Bali offers plenty of different ways to do it. You could party from sunset to sunrise and drink from a bottomless bottle of booze, or have a good old family-fun celebration by the sea, watching fireworks while enjoying seafood. Just pick your style and we’ll show you the places to go in southern Bali.

For the Party Hoppers

Bali’s famous sunset beaches in Kuta and Legian have been hosting incredibly lively nightlife for a very long time, so the locals there know how to get you energized for the coming year. You’ll find house music, lights, dancing, and alcohol -- everything you need to party hard. Of course, if getting overly drunk isn’t something for you, and you’d rather have some cocktails at a posh bar, then head over to Seminyak. This seaside town, that neighbors Kuta, has a more high-end vibe. For those who prefer it, enjoy the last night of the year with style and moderate drinking in Seminyak.

For the Fine Diners

Seminyak is also known for its fine dining restaurants. If you like to put on fancier clothes and end the year with a memorable supper and some wine, then we highly recommend Merah Putih restaurant, which serves Indonesian cuisines. Métis is another fancy restaurant in Seminyak that serves a specialty of French Mediterranean courses.

For the Big Family

seafood restaurant
Jimbaran is the go-to place for fresh seafood. Especially on New Year’s Eve, seafood restaurants that line the shoreline are open until very late at night. With an appreciable view of the beach, you can enjoy the fireworks display with your loved ones. Jimbaran is ideal for fun healthy celebrations, where you raise your bottle for a cheer, have a hefty meal and quality family time. Go to Jimbaran this December!

Celebrate like the Locals

 landmark denpasar

Being the island of the gods, Bali has one of the strongest religious cultures in the world, and the impact of traditional philosophies is deep-rooted within the Balinese populace. This is what makes Bali so attractive, and this is why you should check out how the Balinese authentically celebrate New Year’s Eve. You can go to Denpasar city center and head over to Lapangan Puputan Badung. Witness a parade, cultural displays, and music in front of Denpasar’s memorial monument.

When the time comes, a priest will rally thousands of people in a devotional prayer for a blessed year to come. Then fireworks light the night sky with color, and good spirit fills the air. It is a common custom for the crowd to shake each other’s hands, even with strangers. Learn to say “Selamat Tahun Baru” to the locals, to mean “happy new year”, and this will put a wide smile on their face.

If you don’t want to miss out on the various unique ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve, you’ll need a place to stay in Seminyak. Bvilla offers private villas with a swimming pool, and services that will enhance your vacation experience. Book 30 days or more in advance and get a 10% early bird discount.

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