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Experience Luxury While on Holiday in Seminyak

23 January 2020

If you have to choose between a luxury item or a luxurious experience, the old adage may ring true – sometimes experiences are more valuable than possessions.

Seminyak hosts a variety of experiences that can provide greater returns than what you’ve paid for. In this article, we have listed some of the many experiences you can indulge yourself in.


massage in Seminyak

Like many tropical islands, Bali is not short of massage and therapy centers. Other than adopting ancient massage arts from India, China, and Thailand, the ancient Java-Balinese healers have also historically developed their own massage techniques.

Lagoon Spa

At Lagoon Spa, you can settle down in a relaxing environment, featuring a sauna, rain shower, Jacuzzi, aromatherapy, acupressure, and all the facilities you can find in the world’s most prestigious spas. You can even book accommodation and literally be rejuvenated as soon as you wake up.

Jari Menari

Jari Menari literally translates to ‘Dancing Fingers’. The spa and rejuvenation center in Seminyak owes some of its success to the traditional Massage Arts of the ancient time. One of their expert massages is the 700-year-old Thai poultice massage, in which a steamed bag cloth of herbs and spices is gently pressed onto pain points to deliver beneficial phytochemicals into the skin.


restaurant concept in Seminyak

The food business never dies, and more than half the crowd in Seminyak is in it for the culinary experience. Choose from a great variety of Indonesian to International cuisine to suit your palate.

The Restaurant at The Legian

This hotel restaurant will promise you a fantastic culinary journey as a highly acclaimed luxury restaurant in the Legian-Seminyak area. The restaurant’s particular signature expertise is its daring fusion of French and Asian gourmet. Olive oil sorbet is incredibly difficult to make, but the chefs at The Restaurant are creative enough for its very existence.


Another great choice is Mejekawi, a subdivision of the beach club Ku De Ta. While the beach club reflects upon the fun spirit of Bali, Mejekawi stands on the classy stylish side. This is where you can enjoy the combination of ultramodern cooking techniques with flavourful traditional Indonesian recipes, served against a brilliant sunset backdrop. 

Unique Sports


While you’re in Bali, why not try some adrenaline-rushing activities that you rarely experience back at home.

The Bungy Co

You may not believe a single word of this paragraph, but take our word for it. The Bungy Co takes bungee jumping to the next level. From the sane jump from a huge tower north of Sunset Road to the insane end of the thrill spectrum – jumping on a BMX or inside a flaming ball where you wear a fire suit – you decide how crazy you want to get in Seminyak.

Horseback riding

A horseback ride is one of the most pleasant things to do in Seminyak – and frankly the most photogenic. Nothing says “I’m taking my vacation to the next level” louder than this. The horseback tour can take you around the beautiful Seminyak and Legian beach, or if you choose, the artful traditional rice terraces and seashore caves that few have set foot in.  

Stay at a luxurious villa

Another obvious option is to stay in a luxurious villa, such as one of Bvilla’s collection. We are spread across Seminyak’s popular centers. Although our villa isn’t as lavishly decorated as five-star hotels, it is comfortable enough for you and your family to call it a holiday home. Our greatest strength is in providing privacy, which may be lacking in many hotels – the pool, kitchen, and garden are yours and only yours to enjoy. Book now at our official homepage, Bvilla.

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