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Why You Should Book a Long Stay Villa in Seminyak

25 November 2019

There are so many places to visit in southern Bali, but you may have only realized that after booking four or five days of accommodation. Our local advice is to pick Seminyak as a strategic location for a one-week vacation around southern Bali. It’s only 20 minutes from the airport, and many popular destinations are located within an hour’s drive. This little town of Seminyak also has a less crowded neighborhood, perfect for nights of refreshing sleep.

Nearby places

Once you’ve checked in to your accommodation, you’ll discover there are many interesting places to go within walking distance or 5 a minute motorbike ride. Here are just a few of our top picks:

Seminyak Beach

Seminyak beach is relatively cleaner than Kuta beach, and during the morning high tide, waves can double the height of Kuta’s waves. This is the perfect training ground for intermediate surfers who would rather not bump into a beginner’s longboard going towards the shallows. You can watch the spectacular sunset at around 6 pm daily while sitting on comfy couches at the beach!

Petitenget Temple

pura peti tenget
This centuries-old temple is the landmark of Seminyak. It’s most enjoyable during its anniversary festivals that lie on different dates each year. At other times, you can appreciate its traditional architecture and observe the locals participating in their daily religious activities.

Memorable Restaurants

Luxurious and unique restaurants are plentiful around Seminyak. Enjoy an array of fine cuisine and a dining experience that you’d expect in a tropical island paradise. Visit Merah Putih, Da Maria, Mauri Restaurant, and MÉTIS. Every plate is an art canvas worthy of a good photo. No filters required!

Museums and Galleries

Seminyak is known for its upmarket vibe. Many visitors find it convenient that museums, art galleries, and even fun team-building escape rooms, are within reach. Bring your friends and family to Biasa ArtSpace, Dream Museum Zone, and escape rooms like Totem Room Escape Challenge and Escape Room Bali.

Outside of Seminyak

These are also placed worth mentioning that are outside Seminyak but within easy reach.

Tanah Lot

tanah lot temple
An hour’s drive north of Seminyak you will find the iconic Bali postcard panorama, Tanah Lot. It’s one of the seven sea temples in Bali. This one stands on a jutting rocky sea cliff, with waves crashing into its base in a spectacular struggle of land versus sea. The name Tanah Lot translates to “Land in the Sea”, and restoration efforts have been made to keep the rocks from collapsing and destroying the temple forever.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park

Now officially the tallest in Indonesia, this 120-meter statue celebrates Bali’s diverse cultural heritage. It hosts many cultural presentations, from folklore storytelling to dramatic performances. Marvel at the gigantic bronze sculpture of the Hindu god Vishnu and his mythological avian mount, Garuda. It’s a fine testament to Bali’s commitment to preserve their culture and instill art as one of the people’s central values. You can find this statue in South Kuta, Bali's hilly peninsula in the south.


uluwatu temple
This little town is famous for its sea temple, perched on top of a tall cliff.  Along the ridge that faces west, which showcases gorgeous sunsets, lies an amphitheater. In this amphitheater, you can find cultural performances such as the Kecak fire dance. Chanting fast-paced choruses, 75 male dancers perform a complex series of movements around a fire which will leave you dazzled with wonder.

Seminyak is a strategic location if you wish to explore the fascinating southern Bali region. Bvilla, located in the heart of Seminyak, offers a long stay package, in which you pay for six nights and are given the seventh night for free. Book now and receive an early bird discount!


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