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4 Ways to Celebrate Christmas in Bali

15 November 2019

Many people associate Christmas with snow and Santa Claus. But for people in the tropics, and our friends in the southern hemisphere, Christmas means a tropical vacation! Bali is one of the world’s best destinations during the Christmas season, there are so many things you can do that just one Christmas Day won’t be enough. Here are 4 activities you can do to fill your Christmas Day with joy!

Have a Traditional Christmas Meal

Christmas meal
You might be in a different place altogether, but there’s something special about keeping up with your family traditions regardless of where you are. You can find restaurants in Seminyak that serve a menu of roast dinners prepared just how it is back home. Order a large turkey roast and cutlets of pork at Jemme Jewelry and Dining in Seminyak. Or, if you’d like to try something fresh from the sea, you can hunt for seafood restaurants along the Jimbaran coastline.

Light up some Fireworks

In some places, it might be strange to light up a firework show if it’s not New Year’s Eve, but not in Bali. The locals believe that fireworks drive evil spirits away. They light them up at special occasions, from Independence Day to Eid Al-Fitri. Christmas just adds up the special days for a pyrotechnic cleansing. You can safely light up fireworks on the beach late at night away from the crowd. Popular places to light up (or just watch) fireworks are Sanur, Kuta, and Legian.

Go Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping
Being in Bali, you’ll have a great opportunity to impress your friends at home by buying exotic gifts. Hunt the best deals for locally crafted jewelry in Ubud. Arts and crafts and small trinkets can be found in popular tourist destinations. Seminyak is home to chic boutiques and fashion shops, while Canggu specializes in equipment for surfing and other water sports. If you’re budget conscious, try looking for factory outlets in Kuta and Denpasar, or shops that are a little further from the touristy area.

Heal and Refresh Your Spirit

Christmas yoga

Bali’s deeply spiritual side encourages many visitors to the island to pay attention to one’s spiritual health. Many places offer specially designed spaces to practice yoga, meditation, and other mind-body healthy techniques. The Power of Now Oasis in Sanur offers daily yoga classes and training. Sessions are held by the sea, which provides a calming sea breeze and sounds and sensations to surround you as you try to find inner peace. Christmas is not just a time for parties; the deeper meaning behind Christmas is love, understanding, and peace -- and spiritual healing can help you achieve these.

Bonus: Laze around in your villa

bvilla pool
You’re in Bali and you can do whatever you want, including settling down and enjoying your own accommodation. That’s exactly what you can do at Bvilla in Seminyak! Float in your private pool and order a few snacks and drinks with our in-villa service. An adventure across Bali is waiting for you tomorrow, but on Christmas Day, just relax and slow down.

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