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5 Reasons You Should Stay in Seminyak Rather Than Kuta

29 November 2019

Many people choose to stay in Kuta because of its vibrant atmosphere. But if the crowd in Kuta bothers you too much, our advice is to choose accommodation in a more exclusive location -- Seminyak. Find a hotel or villa there, and make it your home-base so you can explore the southwestern coasts of Bali. Afterward, come back for a pleasant sleep in a quiet place. And why not explore Seminyak entirely? Here are 5 reasons why Seminyak should be your next vacation playground.

Challenging waves

Kuta beach is an excellent training ground for surfers who’ve just gotten a taste of their first waves. However, if you want to hunt for a beautiful rip curl and not crash into a beginner’s longboard, then go to Seminyak’s “Echo Beach”. The waves are twice as large as Kuta’s and are at their best in the morning high tide. You’d want to be there at the right time to catch them!

A whole new menu

healthy food
If you feel that Kuta’s menu-offers are formulaic with their style and taste, and you’d like to try something a little different for your money, then Seminyak is for you. Visit cafes that cater to health-conscious travelers. Healthy foods can be delicious too! And try out the local foods or daring fusion that will promise to brighten up your Instagram collection. There are so many guilt-free choices to choose straight from the streets.

Cooking class

cook class
Food is like language. You can take in so much of it while in its native land, but when you get home, you’ll surely miss the experience. If you’ve fallen madly in love with the local food, then you must learn the recipes and techniques to reproduce the authentic dishes. Luckily, you can take a day-long cooking class in Seminyak with a local expert.

Sunset scenery

sunset beach in Bali
Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak are neighboring sister towns, so they share the same sunset. It’s much better to catch the breathtaking scenery from a more exclusive seat. After that, if you’re into it, enjoy some quieter nightlife around Seminyak. Seminyak has an abundance of chic boutique shops and live music. The upmarket atmosphere is a fresh change to the louder nightlife found in Kuta.

Just a skip from the nightlife in Kuta

Of course, if you’re far more interested in the nightlife of Kuta, go ahead and visit the neighbor next door. Free yourself to the beat of music and dance away like there’s no tomorrow. Well, there is tomorrow -- and when you’ve had enough and the night is turning to morning, there’s no better place to retreat than the quiet villa in Seminyak that you’ve chosen as your accommodation. Just remember this vacation strategy: Play in Kuta, sleep in Seminyak.

Make the most of your stay in Seminyak by spending the nights in our homey villas. Our villas include a private swimming pool for any number of rooms of your choice. In-villa breakfast and services are available upon request. We also offer a honeymoon package for our bvilla+spa and bvilla+seaside villas. Book now at Bvilla, the earlier the better with our early bird offers!

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